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                • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
                • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
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                How our precision casting industry to achieve gorg

                发布时间:2014-03-11 18:00:35点击率:3583
                  One of the standard casting industry of a country is powerful is the basis of precision casting level, so the casting industry in China to complete the magnificent turn, to become powerful casting country, must give priority to the development of precision casting. In recent years China precision casting production has been greatly improved, China has become a manufacturing power and precision casting. The rapid growth of a wide range of industry level of our country, this and foundry industry development are closely related. Casting is the foundation of all industry, if not the foundry industry support, the car into the tens of thousands of families China dream is almost impossible. The industry of a country to revitalize cannot do without the advanced manufacture technology, and the casting should be ranked in the top of the advanced manufacturing technology. So the casting technology level has already become an important symbol to measure a country's level of the manufacturing industry, but also the key to the industry level of a country's. Our country is big but not strong casting casting is an indisputable fact, casting industry of our country at present is moving to the new step of foundry industry, foundry industry to promote the accelerated development, has leapt to a new level, the development of precision casting is the key. Precision casting is casting a industry in the world, some people abroad to the development status of precision casting technology to divide the casting of a country's level, therefore represents the precision casting and casting state of development of productive forces, to promote the development of China's foundry, it should advance to the following four objectives. Our precision casting foundry technology besides factory points, the number of practitioners, large output, compared with the developed countries, in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection are the gap. It is reported, the current development of industrial countries in the world of precision casting technology to sum up roughly four targets, precision casting industry in China should also to the four aspects: 1, very close to improve casting quality and reliability, the production of high quality of near net shape casting; 2, shorten the delivery time; 3, Protect environment, reduce to eliminate pollution; 4, reduce the production cost. Our precision casting at present can not achieve these goals, to make our precision casting industry reached world advanced level must proceed from the reality of our country, in order to promote the precision casting industry development as soon as possible. Improve the quality of castings and the rate of finished products, shorten the delivery time, energy-saving emission reduction, cost reduction is not only the direction close casting industry in China, the common goal is world precision casting industry, who is the first to reach the goal, who will be able to seize the commanding heights of industry.

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