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                • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
                • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
                • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
                • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
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                Warmly celebrate the website to open smoothly

                Contact person: Mr. Wang
                Mobile phone: 13713600234
                Phone: 0769-86856111
                Fax: 0769-86859303

                Email: wangkeyou@chi-chi-bu.com
                Address: Dongguan city Tangxia town Keyuan City Qingfeng Road No. six

                About Us

                   Chichibu Precision Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 August, a total investment of $13000000, more than 1000 employees. Chairman Kurosawa Akini, vice chairman Kurosawa Fumitake, general manager of Ma Guangxian.
                   The company mainly produces all kinds of precision shaft products and aluminum products, also owns the Blackpool Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd, mainly for the production of auto parts. Founded on a high standard, efficient production management model for the production of high quality. After many years of production and R & D, the company achieved rapid development....

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